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COURCHEVEL AVENTURE: Monster Groomer (1 to 2 persons)

Адрес: Maison de La Montagne La Croisette, 73120 Courchevel Показать на карте

Адрес: Maison de La Montagne La Croisette, 73120 Courchevel

If you like skiing in Courchevel or in Les 3 Vallées, you must love the high quality of snow!
The mysterious machines creating such perfection can only be seen at night and you can watch them from afar.

From now on, you can take a closer look at these tracked vehicles and you can also drive them!
Welcome on board ! Follow the instruction and explore the ski area.

Wether your are found of mechanics or just curious, come and try this new activity. You will join the restricted circle of snow grooming machine drivers.

Do not forget to wear: gloves, hat, waterproof and warm shoes and ski clothes.

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